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Sol Trädgårdsljus Lysdioder


Sol Trädgårdsljus Lysdioder

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  • Produktinformation

    "GTS-001-DW - Ranex solar lamp" Railay "

    This Ranex's "Railay" GTS-001-DW solar lamp, which looks like a weckpot, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The fun of this weckpot is that the most beautiful light is caught in this nice jar. There are two colors of light: Beautiful cobalt blue and orange, the color of the Netherlands. The solar panel, which is not always as beautiful to see, is hidden under the cover of this weckpot. If you want to charge the lamp, open the lid, but once you want to create an extra atmosphere with this lamp, close the lid so that the solar panel is no longer visible.

    Do you want this lamp to pop up automatically as soon as it gets dark" That's beautiful, because the built-in day / night sensor lights the light as it starts to twilight. This happy weed pot fits perfectly in every garden: On a beautiful shelf or on the garden table. But also on the window sill, this GTS-001-DW Ranex solar lamp "Railay" provides an extra atmosphere. When the lamp is fully charged, it burns 5 to 8 hours.

    With the built-in LED light and the supplied battery you can instantly use this solar lamp. Because this lamp is being charged by the sunlight, you do not need a cable: So you can place this solar lamp wherever you want. Due to the solar panel and the LED lamp, the consumption of this lamp is very low: Only 0.06 watts. In short, a perfect decorative lamp!

    Contents of the package

    1 x Ranex solar lamp "Railay" GTS-001-DW


    Solar lamp

    With day / night sensor

    For both indoor and outdoor use

    Energy efficient


    Required light source: 1x LED - included

    Required battery: 1x AA NIMH 1.2VDC 300mAh - included

    Height: 15.5 cm.

    Cross section: 10.5 cm.

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