Konvektionselement | Termostat | 3 inställningar | 2000 W | Vitt

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This Nedis® convector heater with a maximum heating capacity of 2000 Watt is the ideal heater if you quickly want to heat up a room. Use this heater as an emergency replacement for when your central heating system is down or as a heater for in between the hot and cold seasons or just use it in rooms that don't have central heating.

With its integrated handles the heater is easy to move from room to room, and together with the fact that the heater is noiseless makes it flexible and ideal to heat up the bedroom. This convector has some extra features like overheating protection, a timer, 3 different heating modes and a turbo-mode. All these features make it easy to heat up any room to your ideal temperature.

When the right warmth and heating function are programmed, the energy-efficient thermostat of the heater keeps the room within the right temperature range. The actual room-temperature will be automatically measured and whenever the programmed temperature is reached, the heater will go in energy-efficient mode to keep the room this same temperature.

In turbo-mode the heater draws in extra air from the room and rapidly distributes hot air to make sure the room is heated faster than in normal mode. A great feature is the built-in frost protection that makes sure that the room won't go below a certain temperature. Perfect for when you are sleeping or away from home.

All functionality and settings can be used and set via the touch-display on this radiator, as well as via the included remote control.
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